Security lights for your property are a fantastic way to discourage trespassers, offering bright and wide-reaching exterior light that illuminates your yard, drive, and outbuildings. These outdoor lights are built with motion detectors and some also boast additional camera functionality. Once you’ve purchased this great safety feature for your property, the next step is choosing where they’ll be fitted to maximise their effectiveness.

Offering full installation services for security lighting in San Diego County, we explore our recommendations for where to fit them.

How does security lighting help prevent a break-in at your home?

Lighting within your home can suggest to a potential intruder that the property is currently occupied and thus deter them from trying to enter the building. A well-positioned light can also help highlight the presence of a wider security system that you have in place, either an alarm or CCTV.
Likewise, this lighting will also help provide you with a clear, well-lit view of the person(s) on your CCTV.

Where is the best place to fit your security lighting?

  • Light up your entrances to your home.An intruder will be on the lookout for the easiest, quickest way into your property. This is likely to include doors and windows that have easy access, placing your security lights near your entrances will help spot danger as it approaches.
  • Where you park your cars. It may not be every intruder’s goal to make it within the property. Consider the safety of your vehicles and never leave any valuable items within them overnight or when unattended.
  • Remove your blind spots.If you have a big yard filled with shrubbery, a pool, and dark corners then this may provide someone with ample opportunity to hide away. Using your security lights to brighten these areas (especially useful with a motion detector) will make the intruder think they’ve been spotted and possibly prevent a further invasion of privacy.
  • Above any gates.A gate may signify something is worthwhile on the other side and cause an intruder to climb over it. Efficient lighting will hopefully further dissuade them from trying.
  • Don’t forget your garage!Not only can a garage be a viable way into your property, but it also may house high-end equipment that thieves want to get their hands-on. Keep yours well-lit with motion detectors to give the thief the notion that they’ve been caught.
  • Walkways or paths on your property. If you have usually dimly lit walkways on your property, then consider that this is likely how an intruder could sneak upon your home.

Where you place your security lighting will also depend on which type you’ve purchases. A floodlight is the perfect choice to light up an expansive yard, whereas you may opt for a motion detector light that uses heat and movement to switch on is a great fit for your garage.

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